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Bo Kauffmann on 08/21/2019

Land Titles Transfer Tax for Winnipeg Home Buyers

Manitoba's Land titles transfer tax is a heavy burden for buyers, especially first time buyers. Check this video and post to see just how much the government is raking in with this tax. I wrote about Winnipeg Land Titles office, and the reason why there is usually a 3 to 4 week delay between the da

  Bo Kauffmann
Bo Kauffmann on 08/18/2019

Winnipeg Housing Market Report – Real Estate Market

Is Winnipeg now a Buyers Market? Or Sellers Market? Good time to buy or to sell in Winnipeg ??? Current real estate market report updated every month. Welcome to our custom Winnipeg Housing Market Report. Each month we look at the numbers of available listings, sales and expired listings sta

  Bo Kauffmann
Bo Kauffmann on 08/18/2019

Winnipeg Land Titles: Not fast, but it IS secure

.I get letters and e-mails from people, asking about real estate issues. Here is one I received in the past. The names and dates have been changed to protect the innocent 🙂“I am writing this letter in regards to the sale of my mother’s house, which the new owners have moved in (2 weeks ago). Ther

  Bo Kauffmann
Bo Kauffmann on 08/09/2019

Creating that classic vibe

Some easy and great tips to help you create a classic vibe in your home. Are you planning to sell your property soon? Or are you just boosting comfort for your own enjoyment? You need to up your game and give your home a classy vibe that will wow everyone who enters your space. Luckily, upgrading yo

  Bo Kauffmann
Bo Kauffmann on 08/03/2019

New APPS for Winnipeg Home Buyers and Sellers

2 helpful new apps for Winnipeg home buyers, sellers and owners. Both are FREE, with no ads, and easily downloaded and installed on any phone. Over the past week, I’ve developed a couple of apps for home buyers, sellers and owners. These apps are totally FREE, and contain no ads. Best of all they

  Bo Kauffmann
Bo Kauffmann on 07/29/2019

Open House – What To Ask The Listing Agent

Open Houses are a great way to start your search. Here is a list of questions to ask the Open House (Listing Agent). See the top questions to ask a listing agent at an open house to find out more about the property and the sellers circumstances.AMP Story: 7 Questions to ask at an Open HouseSourced

  Bo Kauffmann
Bo Kauffmann on 07/28/2019

Top Mistakes Made By First Time Buyers

Advice for first time home buyers. Here are 7 mistakes to be avoided in your search for your first home. Avoiding these will save you money. Not making these mistakes will also save you headaches. This is for anyone looking to buy a house or condo, not only first time buyers. Upsizing, downsizing

  Bo Kauffmann
Bo Kauffmann on 07/26/2019

Did your house or condo listing expire? Let’s fix that!

Is Your House or Condo an Expired Listing? Try to sell privately? Listing Agent didn't perform as promised? Listing Expired? What is the next step to get your home SOLD? Here are some solid tips and steps a home seller should take to get their house or condo sold. Did your house or condo fail to se

  Bo Kauffmann
Bo Kauffmann on 07/22/2019

Custom Winnipeg Luxury Homes Report – July 2019

Winnipeg Luxury Homes Market Report. Shows sales, listings and expired listing stats on luxury homes in Winnipeg. Updated Monthly, about homes and condos over the half million dollar mark. #realestate #Winnipeg #housingmarket #luxuryhomesWelcome to our Winnipeg Luxury Homes Market Report. This r

  Bo Kauffmann
Bo Kauffmann on 07/20/2019

CMHC & Stress Test

Home buyers want to know: What is CMHC and what is a stress test? A mortgage expert answers those questions for us. Home buyers (and not only first time buyers) are wondering: “What is C.M.H.C. and what is the Stress Test”? So lets ask a mortgage expert.In this audio interview, I’m speaking with

  Bo Kauffmann
Bo Kauffmann on 07/18/2019

Home Buyer Agent: Why Home Buyers should have their own agent

Home buyers should have their own real estate buyer agent when buying a house or condo. Here are 7 reasons why buyers should have their own agent. As a real estate buyer agent, I receive many requests to “Send Me Some Listings”. Many of my competitors are putting out ads that say “Call me for the la

  Bo Kauffmann
Bo Kauffmann on 07/14/2019

Benefits Of Using A Mortgage Broker

Whether you are refinancing, buying your first home or your next one, Winnipeg home and condo buyers have many options when it comes to mortgage lenders. Here is a list of 10 reasons why many are choosing a mortgage broker.These days, every home or condo buyer in Winnipeg knows that, at a very mini

  Bo Kauffmann
Bo Kauffmann on 07/07/2019

Buying A House Or Condo In 2019 – Home Buyers Guide

Buying a house or condo is likely the largest financial step you will ever take. Here are 6 steps and a video to help prepare you for the journey. I think that you would agree that buying a house or buying a condo for the first time can be quite stressful and challenging. First time home buyers are

  Bo Kauffmann
Bo Kauffmann on 07/02/2019

Staging Tips For Small Homes

𝟲 𝘀𝘂𝗽𝗲𝗿 tips for staging your small home 🏡 Whether for selling 💰 , or just your own enjoyment 🕺🏼, here are some excellent 👏🏼 , and easy-to-implement tips to stage a smaller house or condo. ❤️ Staging a house is no easy task, especially when we’re limited by our home’s square footage. Although they

  Bo Kauffmann
Bo Kauffmann on 06/25/2019

Sky Waterfront Condos in Winnipeg Exchange

Featured Condo: Sky Waterfront Condos in the Exchange District. Concrete Building on Waterfront Dr., all the condo niceties, rooftop patio, excercise room. Spotlight on: Sky Waterfront CondosLocated along scenic Waterfront Dr. in Winnipeg, we find the this very special condo project. The Sky Waterf

  Bo Kauffmann
Bo Kauffmann on 06/19/2019

Living Room Remodelling Tips

Living Room Remodelling is an important task. Here are some tips to help you remodelling. Remodelling your living room and introducing changes in it might not be your most favourite thing in the world, but it’s still something you need to do from time to time. These changes don’t have to be too big

  Bo Kauffmann
Bo Kauffmann on 06/18/2019

Guide To Selling Your Home

Thinking of selling your home in Winnipeg in 2018? There are many options and decisions that a home seller has to make. Do you list with an agent? How do you select a real estate listing specialist. How to best show your home? Selling your house or condo in any market is a big is the u

  Bo Kauffmann
Bo Kauffmann on 06/17/2019

5 Tips To Increase Value

❤️Sure-Fire Tips to 𝗶𝗻𝗰𝗿𝗲𝗮𝘀𝗲 ⚡𝘁𝗵𝗲 𝘃𝗮𝗹𝘂𝗲 of your house 🏡or condo 😍 The idea of selling your home can be intimidating, and that’s entirely understandable. After all, you may have lived in the house for years, and you may be apprehensive about finding a new place at the right price. When selling your h

  Bo Kauffmann
Bo Kauffmann on 06/12/2019

Tips for Landlords

Every landlord and every property manager knows the stress that comes with managing a property. This job has so many different moving parts and so many things you need to think about, yet there will always be a new thing to pop up and cost you money. But, it is possible to take away some of the stre

  Bo Kauffmann
Bo Kauffmann on 06/10/2019

Beautiful Bathroom Designs

If your bathroom needs a renovation, you’ll come face to face with a whole range of design style choices. And while picking any of them will probably make your bathroom look nicer than before, if you really want to add a personal touch to it, feel free to mix and match styles to your liking. Fitting

  Bo Kauffmann
Bo Kauffmann on 06/05/2019

Evaluating Real Estate Agents

Before you hire your next real estate agent, buyers and sellers are advised to do a little background checking. Here are some tips how to pick your REALTOR. Real estate agents are generally warm people and love to work with their clients. However, there are some folks who tend to cross the line. The

  Bo Kauffmann
Bo Kauffmann on 05/30/2019

Home Reno Tips For Seniors

Some solid tips on how to renovate a home for the 'senior' home owner. Renovating your home and making it nicer than ever is always a great idea, no matter how old you are and how much experience in home renovation you have. It’s a way to make your living space cozier and more comfortable, as well a

  Bo Kauffmann
Bo Kauffmann on 05/24/2019

5 Tips To Sell Your Home This Summer

Spring ☔ ⛱ and summer is the time of year when house buyers are out looking for their next home. 🏠 🏘️There will be other homes competing for these buyers attention. ❤️While it’s wise to never assume anything is a sure bet in the real estate market, based on the 2018 numbers, the upcoming months of J

  Bo Kauffmann
Bo Kauffmann on 05/22/2019

Size Does Matter: How To Measure Your Home

Tips and advice on how to measure your home. 🏡You might be surprised that home measurements include all walls, hallways and even closets. Here are ways to measure the different styles of homes.There seems to be some confusion, even among REALTORS®, as to how a home is measured. With the many diff

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